Amazon will stop shipping non-essential products in Italy and France

Amazon says as part of its attempts to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, it has immediately avoided making orders for non-essential goods on its platforms in Italy ( and France (

“As customers use e-commerce to support their social distancing efforts, we too have implemented social distancing guidance within our fulfilment centres to keep our employees safe and healthy,” a spokeswoman for Amazon in Italy told The Verge via e-mail. Consumers will also buy all of these items from third party vendors that will distribute to customers directly, the spokesperson said. According to him, important goods will involve food and hygiene things.

The organization claims the move would enable “fulfilment centre associates to focus on receiving and shipping the products customers need most at this time.”

Saturday’s notice on reads: “We are prioritizing the most requested products and some items may be temporarily unavailable. We appreciate your understanding at this time when we prioritize the products that customers need most. All orders already confirmed will be delivered regularly.” Bloomberg announced that at least five workers at Amazon warehouses in Europe had tested positive for coronavirus. Workers at an Italian Amazon factory went on strike on March 17th to condemn what they perceived as the company’s poor efforts to shield them from contamination.

According to the New York Times, Italy was one of the country’s worst affected by coronavirus with over 53,000 people afflicted and more than 4,800 killed. The country recorded 793 new deaths only on Saturday, the Times reported.

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