A chat bot was built by Facebook to avoid employee criticism

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Facebooks public image is in a very bad state, that the company’s public relations team build an AI chatbot which helps its employees avoid criticism from family members during holiday season. Its called “Liam Bot” and it helps employees walk through tough conversations about Facebook’s various controversies.

The tool was rolled out just some time before US Thanksgiving holiday according to NYT. The answers are written by the public relations team and helps answering topics like free speech, election meddling, moderation and more.

When asked about hate speech the Liam Bot responds with a few available options such as “It [Facebook] has hired more moderators to police its content,” and, “Regulation is important for addressing the issue.” The bot will also link out helpful blog posts, and in case of a technical question, such as password reset, FAQs and guides are linked out.

Facebook has faced several crises over the last few years, and the topic of the morale of employees was also a big issue. Radical transparency with employees led to high-profile leaks in recent months.

Facebook’s answer to this scenario, at least as it relates to appeasing friends and family members of employees, appears to be a technical one in the form an AI chatbot. “Our employees regularly ask for information to use with friends and family on topics that have been in the news, especially around the holidays,” a Facebook spokeswoman told the NYT. “We put this into a chatbot, which we began testing this spring.”


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