75% of Iraq’s internet shut down due to mass protests

Iraq protests
Iraq Protests
Internet access has been blocked across most of Iraq as widespread anti-corruption demonstrations continued into their third day. Netblocks estimates that the blackout began on social media platforms on Wednesday and extended to about 75% of Iraq’s Internet, including Baghdad, the capital city, on Thursday morning.

The shutdown did not affect the Kurdistan Region in the North, which, according to Netblocks, uses a different method to get online.

” On Wednesday afternoon, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger remained partially usable via mobile phones on some of the affected networks for some time. This is due to circumvention measures and alternative messaging protocols built into recent versions of the mobile apps,” Netblocks mentioned.

Government officials have placed a round-the-clock curfew on Thursday, as confirmed by Reuters. These actions were accompanied by an increasing number of political protests in which 20 people were killed, including one police officer.

Internet access was shut down last year during similar protests in southern Iraq. As with other blackouts, the shutdown began with social media platforms and spread to other places.

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