10 reasons why you need G Suite for your business

G Suite
G Suite
At the very start-up of your business you might have been using free Gmail accounts for communication with clients. It might have looked something like this:


Doesn’t look very professional does it?

But your business is growing and its time to up your game, and switch to more esthetically pleasing email addresses, such as:


According to Steven Aldrich of GoDaddy it is far more likely for a customer to do business with a company that uses a business email address as opposed to a free alternative.

Maybe you believe its hard to acquire an email address such as the ones mentioned above. This is exactly where G Suite comes in.

All-in-all it’s a business version of Gmail. No, you don’t need training, its simple.

G Suite cost varies depending on your needs.

If you already own a domain name it is not a problem, you need to take a simple, one-time step to use the same domain for your G Suite email addresses.

Before we jump into the benefits of G Suite, we want you to know that you are not alone! NMORE group, your certified Google Cloud Partner, is ready to help you with the installation of G suite, tailored for your business needs. Contact us and we will gladly help your company advance to a higher level.

1. Document Sharing

file sharing
The key to your small business is collaboration. Using Team Drive, you can readily share your files in the G Suite account with fellow team members. You can regulate how files are accessed by your team, starting from view-only access, to granting them complete access which enables a member to handle the entire folder. In other words, everything is in your control.

2. Increased File Storage

file storage
File storage is a big issue not only for huge businesses but also for businesses on a smaller scale. Mailbox storage has tripled in size over three years as consumers share big files, needing to maintain and search huge quantities of emails. Subscribe to G Suite and store vast quantities of information in the cloud!

If you are on a free plan from Gmail, your default storage is 15GB. For G Suite basic its 30GB per user.

You can increase your storage beyond 30GB per user too. Team Drive is included in G Suite Business, which gives a company more administrative control over file sharing.

3. Ownership of Email Accounts

All employee accounts are owned by your company. They are not owned by your staff. What if someone left your business to work for a competitor or begin a competing business, but they are personally in possession of the email address your clients use to contact them?

If someone leaves the company within G Suite administration, you can immediately change that person’s password and forward any emails sent to their address to someone else within your company. You can also access the entire email history of that person if needed.

4. File Ownership

google docs
With G Suite, the firm owns all Google Docs, Slides and Sheets produced by staff.

Keep in mind that Google Drive is also an alternative cloud backup to facilities like Dropbox. You could create a company policy that requires employees to back up to the Google Drive of the company their local PC or Mac working folders and files.

If you chose to terminate a worker, for instance, you would have complete access to all your company records.

5. Multiple Email Aliases

multiple emails
Creating several email aliases or domains will still lead you to the same email accounts.

Your business card may have a more formal email such as john.smith@startup.com but it is much easier to tell someone that your email address is johnsmith@srartup.com verbally. You don’t have to mention that dot.

Moreover, you can associate multiple domains with each user’s email account.

Imagine you want to re-brand your company to streetup.com, all you have to do is put this domain onto your G Suite account as a domain alias. So now if an email is sent to johnsmith@startup.com or john.smith@streetup.com it will hit the same inbox.

6. Single Sign-On

Using your credentials to sign in to cloud business applications such as DocuSign, Marketo, Salesforce and Slack can be achieved by using G Suite. Long gone are the days of re-entering usernames and passwords for these applications.

7. CRM Integration

crm cubes
When your business starts growing you might consider an investment into a CRM system to better track leads, customers, jobs, prospects and more.

Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Sheets and Google Drive can be integrated with Salesforce. There are also other CRM systems which can be integrated with Gmail.

8. Simplicity is Key

It could be Microsoft, Mac, or Android just sign in, it doesn’t matter what equipment your team uses. G Suite enables users to store and share files in the cloud, to synchronize files across all of your connected devices, and to connect to them in real time.

Teams could use mobile devices to access Google’s powered business tools as needed. Connecting employees, partners and clients improves the responsiveness to queries.

9. High Level Security

google security
G suite possesses 2-step verification process for users. Logging onto G Suite or any other related app from another computer will trigger a verification code to be sent to your mobile phone. When you don’t have connection on your phone you can carry a set of backup codes with you to securely access your G Suite account.

This is of huge importance since business files contain sensitive information most of the time. It is also extremely important if you decide to use Google Drive as the cloud backup for your companies PCs or Macs. It is impossible to know which sensitive information is getting synchronized if employees are automatically backing up a lot of local files to the cloud.

10. 24/7 Google Support

customer support
If you decide to chose NMORE group, your certified Google Cloud Partner to manage and install your G Suite cloud, we will always be available during working hours to aid you in your requests.

Although in times outside of working hours your alternative option is Google Support. It assists users of G Suite 24/7. You can access the support team by phone, email or chat.

google cloud
G Suite can transform companies as it is simple to use and simple to adapt, making it friendly to your office staff. G Suite makes cooperation effortless in real time and really convinces consumers of the cloud’s advantages. This is why over a billion individuals rely on G Suite apps such as Gmail, Docs, Google Drive and many other helpful applications on the cloud. It also allows you to innovate making your work processes more productive and cost-efficient as compared to the outdated systems. G Suite secures your cloud information and documents, offering the platform for you and your team to push your company limits.

NMORE group, your certified Google Cloud Partner, is ready to help you with the installation of G suite, tailored for your business needs. Contact us and we will gladly assist you in advancing your company to a higher level.

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