Weekly News Recap #6

Back in May 2018 F8 conference, Facebook debuted their add-on mobile dating feature causing Match Group’s (Tinder and OkCupid) stock to plummet by more than 17 %. Presently Facebook began testing the new service internally with employees. Once you create a separate profile for dating, Facebook Dating will match your profile (similar to Tinder) with another person via a mutual "like". Once that happens you...

Windows PE-Based Bootable Disks

At least one Windows system rescue disk should be accessed by every Windows user. A Windows system rescue disk is a retrieval mode that can be booted. Usually the recovery environment has a lot of useful instruments that you can use to solve Windows, or at least diagnose the problem. Many Windows rescue disks are using a Linux environment. But there are also retrieval disks instead using the Windows Preinstallation...
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Revisit Windows 1.0 with Microsoft’s 1.11 App

Microsoft has published a fresh app that should appeal to technology geeks, fans of Stranger Things, and freaks of nostalgia alike.
Windows apps

Let’s make Windows easier on your eyes

Have you ever had difficulty seeing text, menus, cursor, or other items in Windows? The text might be too tiny, the cursor is too thin, or there is insufficient contrast on the screen. Whatever the problem is, it can be fixed