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Amazon holds onto Alexa data even if audio files are deleted

Amazon has confessed that the stored information it obtains through speech interactions with the company's Alexa and Echo systems is not always deleted — even after a customer decides to remove the audio files from their account.
online privacy

4 free anonymous web browsers that are completely private

Big business is private data, and everyone is attempting to watch you. Secret services, governments, Microsoft, cyber criminals, and your creepy road neighbor all want to learn all the time what you're doing.

FaceApp might go under investigation by the democrats, because it comes from Russia

Thanks to a fresh aging filter, FaceApp — which utilizes neural networks to drastically edit your photos — is skyrocketing to social media popularity, but Democrats are not on board with the fun.
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Contractors employed by Apple listen to your recorded Siri conversations

Apple pays contractors to listen to recorded Siri discussions,employees have heard accidental recordings of the private life of customers.