Offices of the Future: What Changes Await Us?

There will be robots in the offices designed for solving simple routine tasks. Paper correspondence and other small items employees will be able to send to each other via drones. Cybersecurity will be the answer to protection: they will report everything suspicious and will leave the operator with the option to take measures remotely. And the employees themselves will have the opportunity, if necessary...

Windows PE-Based Bootable Disks

At least one Windows system rescue disk should be accessed by every Windows user. A Windows system rescue disk is a retrieval mode that can be booted. Usually the recovery environment has a lot of useful instruments that you can use to solve Windows, or at least diagnose the problem. Many Windows rescue disks are using a Linux environment. But there are also retrieval disks instead using the Windows Preinstallation...
Sabrent SSD

SSD which offers 5GB/s speed available

Rocket Nvme PCIe 4.0 SSD from the U.S. company is now accessible for purchase from Amazon.

Missing sounds of being in the office ? Solved.

If the pandemic has left you unexpectedly nostalgic for your workplace, Kids Creative Agency's website, imisstheoffice.eu, could be the closest thing to actually being back there.