8 Instagram Mistakes We all Make

1.Not having a definitive purpose for your Instagram

This particular mistake involves a bit of philosophy within itself. But, in truth, having figured out what you want to gain from this social site, can help clear up in which direction one should move, if of course move at all. Because for example you can run your Instagram account like a life album, and that means you won’t want any movement at all.

2. Thinking a large number of followers is key to success

Trust us, happiness doesn’t lie there! Although the number of social media followers one has is often recognized as a popularity status and source of credibility. Therefore it helps to think in scale, to plan ahead of posting and ensure that your content impacts as many of your followers as possible. Thinking this way will help prevent unintentional failures as you will begin to filter the priorities of your audience.

3. Not writing

Foremost importantly, Instagram is a visual platform. Agreed. A picture is simply a way to attract the audience but the text is a way to retain their attention. So try to start out small. What if you discover the talent for penmanship within yourself?! 🙂

4. Zombies

New followers are great but it’s important to note what kind of followers they are. Most commonly, they tend to be faceless bots and online shops that bring about more harm than good. They bring no activity to your page whatsoever and are essentially obsolete. If you have a large number of such followers, your rate of involvement can drop and Instagram can take notice of this and place you under a “shadow ban”. Simply put, not show you in your followers news strip (stream?). So what can you do?! Don’t just rack up subscribers, try to expand and work on the ones you already have – your real audience.

5. Not socializing

Okay, so you take great photos, you even know how to edit them well and know how to caption them with cool text. Meanwhile, you are doing all this, people maybe writing to you and you are missing all of it. The number of likes decreases, signifying betrayal. In order to be active, you need to make the effort to comment yourself and reply to what others write to you.

6. Stories

You can say stories is a way to work with your current existing audience. That’s where you see real people and real activity. For this reason, actively posting stories is a must for a good, full-fledged blog. Use apps to beautifully edit them, add effects: Inshot, frames and collages: Unfold and even floating text: Hype Type.

7. Hashtags

In the past, you could say that the absence of hashtags was disastrously bad. But now their PRESENCE IS HARMFUL. Not only do they not give any colossal results, but their use can even get you placed under the “shadow ban”. In this case, we are talking about super popular hashtags, such as followforfollow / liketolike etc.

8. Irregular posting

This, perhaps, is the greatest pain. We, of course, agree with the fact that the muse is an unpredictable dame, but it is necessary to fight against her capriciousness as much as possible. If we stop habitually uploading content onto our blogs then our followers will forget about us and “falling back in love again” will be extremely difficult. The ideal option is to upload one post per day.

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