Trump pushing for new factories

According to a Wall Street Journal article, the Trump administration is currently negotiating the building of factories in the USA with major manufacturers. Intel has a more detailed plans to operate a plant that produces chips “securely”  — playing on US concerns on processor plants located in other countries.

Trump boasted about success in the tech industry, many of them were not legit, including a lie about a “new” Apple factory in Texas. TSMC, who is manufacturing the A-series chips for Apple, reportedly discussed the development of a factory in the USA with Apple and important government agencies. And Intel is willing to join, according to the Journal. “We are serious about this,” Greg Slater, Intel VP, told WSJ.

It’s fair to presume that chipmakers clearly respond to potentially lucrative defense contracts. As the journal reports, on 28 April, Intel CEO Bob Swan sent a letter to Defense Department saying that “it is in the best interest of the United States and of Intel” to pursue a commercial chip foundry in the United States.

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