Spotify clearly beating Apple with its roundup

This year, Spotify once again have its users a blast from the past with its “Wrapped” review of the year. Many of you might have noticed people sharing their top songs and artists from last year on different social networks, except for Apple Music listeners.

Every year Spotify users can revisit their top artists and top songs, and since 2019 marks the end of the decade, you can access your most listened tracks over the past 10 years. Spotify has formatted the roundup for an Instagram Story on the Spotify mobile app. The recaps have gone viral and everyone seems to be sharing their own.

This is a big win for Spotify and a loss for Apple Music. Spotify is clearing beating Apple at its own game. Apple understands the importance of building exclusive product features, for example, iPhone users can create Memoji. This is available exclusively for iOS users.

Music is no longer the differentiator for music streaming platforms, so they will need to come up with exclusive features in order to keep the business going.

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