Secure group video calls on Telegram

Telegram is building a group video calling service, which the company revealed on the 24th of April, is expected to launch later this year. Telegrams video calling service will offer both: security and usability. Telegram revealed the project in response to reports that it surpassed 400 million active monthly users, twice as much than two years prior.

Telegram’s argument that existing community video communication services provide either protection or accessibility. Critics observed that Zooms promises, for example, to provide end-to-end encryption were misleading, and its default privacy settings made it possible for uninvited users to enter video calls. That said, Telegram has also partly faced its share of security group backlash, as its end-to-end encryption is not enabled by default.

The business said it’s seen at least 1.5 million new people sign up everyday for the application, and it’s the most downloaded social app in over 20 countries. But its user base also pales relative to WhatsApp, which as of February this year, reported 2 billion users.

Telegram has outlined a series of new functions alongside its monthly active users update, which it is released 3 days ago. Users can now attach educational snippets to the quizzes generated on the app, a new tab is accessible to search the 20,000 stickers on Telegram, and the company is introducing new functionality to its macOS application as well. Complete descriptions of the latest apps are available on Telegram’s blog.

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