Samsung closes its last manufacturing plant

In 2013, Samsung was a king in the Chinese phone market with a volume share of 19%. Last year they couldn’t grab even 1%. This may be because Samsung failed to appreciate the difference in trends in Chinese versus Western markets, Nikkei reports. Samsung rounded out its lineup with affordable devices that had a variety of premium features, while Chinese contenders bet everything on flagship killers

Samsung’s disappointment in China may reflect its future in India, where it slipped from number one to number two a year ago, with Xiaomi leading the pack. Samsung keeps on manufacturing a huge part of its budget and mid-range handsets in India to offer to local and overseas markets, while huge numbers of their top notch gadgets are made in Vietnam. They as of now utilize 200,000 specialists in the Hanoi-region to create about 150 million Galaxy gadgets bound for East Asian, American and European markets.

Despite the troubled Samsung had within the world’s 2 largest markets, Samsung continues to be the biggest handset manufacturer globally, with 20.8% sales volume. However, that’s down from 21.7% last year, and their overall shipments fell by 8% in volume last year.

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