Chrome update delivers largest gains in years

Google mentioned that in 2020, there are major performance enhancements to the company’s browser. Matt Waddell, Chromes director of the product says, “This month’s update represents the largest gain in Chrome performance in years.” Chrome has had a performance boost on several fronts.

The first improvement has to do with the tabs, where Chrome will prioritize your active tab in the background thus reducing the usage of CPU by up to x5 and extending battery life by up to 1.25 hours. You can read the Chromium blog to find out the exact details on how this is being achieved by Chrome. The most important part is that it was achieved without sacrificing background features such as playing music.

Opening Chrome should also feel faster by 25%. Pages will also be loaded by up to 7% faster and all of this is done by using less RAM than before.

Another great addon is the tab search, which is especially useful when you have many tabs open. This feature will debut on Chromebooks first and will then expand to other versions of Chrome. Chrome Actions is something that will be applied to address bars which is a faster way to get things done with a few keystrokes.

For example: when you type “edit passwords,” or “delete history,” you can now take action directly from the bar. Our first set of actions — available initially on desktop — focuses on privacy and security, so you can increase your peace of mind in a few clicks.

You might soon notice “cards” when you open a new tab in Chrome. This will allow you to jump back into activities like researching a holiday gift. Clicking on cards will take you to recently visited and related content on the web and is a huge time-saver. Cards will be available only for select users for now right beneath the shortcuts area.

In combination, these things add up to a really cool update for Chrome.

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