What Google announced at Google Pixel 4

The annual event led by Google confirmed all the information that has been leaking out for the past weeks: Pixel 4 and 4XLPixel Buds 2 earphonesPixelbook Go Chromebook laptop and more. As with iPhone11 and Galaxy S10 lines, Googles Pixel 4 has a lot of computational technology as part of its camera improvements over Pixel 3. Googles theme this year was “ambient technology”- technology as a single system. The point is using their services 24/7.

Here is a list of what Google has announced yesterday:

  • New voice recorder app can perform live transcriptions of videos on your phone.
  • Stadia (streaming video game service) will go live on Nov 19.
  • A sneak peak on Pixel Buds. Priced at $179.
  • Google discussed its activities and investments with respect to renewable energy.
  • Nest mini, the new Google Homo Mini speaker, includes a home intercom system and free Wi-Fi calling.
  • Nest aware program starting at $6 per month now.
  • Googles Wifis sequel is the Nest Wifi, a router with more features including device prioritization and seamless setup.

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