Airbnb introduces flexible reservation policies

Taking into account the recent coronavirus epidemic, Airbnb has revised its accommodation policy to help hosts and guests cancel their booking without losing money. Until the 1st of June, Airbnb will remove the 3% host charge for hosts who are refunding more than they are allowed by the Airbnb Cancellation Policy. Airbnb also promises that it will increase the visibility of listings for hosts who use its updated “More flexible reservations” tool.

You will not have to pay the 14 per cent guest service fee of Airbnb, if you are a traveller who wishes to cancel a booking (up to June 1st again). Guests who are not charged the service fee, will obtain a coupon for the amount for their potential use.

Hosts can still decide their own policies on cancellation. If you want a flexible booking, look for listings which state “flexible” in the cancellation policy line. It’s a good idea to note that during booking.

One thing you should remember: by using Airbnb’s help page, if you fly out of or to a region “seriously affected” by the latest coronavirus epidemic, you might be able to receive a 100 percent refund on your “extenuating circumstances” demand, irrespective of the host cancellation policy.

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