Apple warranty plan turned subscription

Apple’s extended warranty, AppleCare+, has consistently covered a total of two years of iOS and Apple Watch devices. But after its iPhone 11 event, the company launched a fresh option that basically transforms AppleCare+ into a full-on monthly subscription, enabling customers to continue to pay beyond the standard coverage period and keep going as long as Apple is able to service their product. Information was found by 9to5Mac.

Apple had already offered monthly AppleCare+ instalments, but that was only an alternative option to paying a lump sum for the same two-year complete coverage.

With the new approach, Apple uses “pay monthly until cancelled.” As 9to5Mac notes, you would end up paying more for the standard 24-month coverage through the monthly option than if you just opted outright to purchase that length of time. The subscription plan is beneficial for individuals who plan to hold on to their devices for several years.

If you already have AppleCare+ on your computer, there seems to be no way to switch to the monthly schedule. This is only for latest purchases; from the moment you purchase a phone, you have 60 days to add AppleCare+.

AppleCare+ normally includes two accidental harm occurrences over two years for a specified device. If you go with the monthly plan, for every 24 months coverage, you are protected for two incidents. According to Apple’s claims, the latest iPhones have tougher glass and increased water resistance, so hopefully you won’t have to worry about such misfortunes.

AppleCare+’s coverage is not accessible for Mac computers, Apple TVs, or other products that require payments in advance. But Apple also just launched AppleCare+ for AirPods and Beats, including the Powerbeats Pro. The expanded guarantee costs $29, but it does not cover losses — one of the larger hazards that real wireless earbuds owners are facing.

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