Apple: the first $1.5 trillion US company

Apple’s stock price received a boost back in 2018 as its sales rose 17 percent year over year. The rise contributed to a record $1 trillion in market capitalisation. A month later, the second US tech giant, Amazon, joined the trillion-dollar club. Microsoft and Alphabet also reached the $1 trillion mark.

Even though the world feared a huge recession, Apple’s stocks have soared to $354 on 10th of June from $307 a month earlier. Investors have welcomed enthusiasm about the forthcoming iPhone 12 collection, solid App Store sales, and rumors that Apple could launch ARM-based Macs at WWDC later this month.

Market caps are determined by multiplying the share price by the total amount of outstanding company’s shares. Throughout recent years , Apple has been actively purchasing back some of its own shares to reduce their large cash reserves, which is understandable.

Sources claim Apple needs to switch away from Intel’s chips because of fears that efficiency improvements are declining between generations. They added that ARM-based chips have shown “major improvements” over Intel’s offerings, particularly in terms of graphical strength and AI-using software. Some ARM-powered Macs we might see as early as next year.

The iPhone 12 is speculated to sport high-refresh rate screens, 3x telephoto zoom, and improved face ID. Apple’s entrance into the 5G industry would also be of  huge importance.

Apple could have been the first US corporation to cross $1.5 trillion but with a market value of $1.4 trillion, Microsoft is not far behind. Amazon is worth $1.32 trillion, while Alphabet is the smallest of the four major players, remaining at $1 trillion.

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