300 million Zoom users, despite the security flaw

Recently, Zoom hit the news with a growing amount of security and privacy issues, but it doesn’t seem to have prevented users from flocking into using it. Zoom has already announced that it has reached 300 million average daily zoom meetings attendees. That’s up 50 per cent from the company’s 200 million announced earlier this month, and a big leap back in December from the 10 million.

Zoom states that the numbers represent daily meeting participants, which means you are listed five times if you have five Zoom meetings in a single day. In the same blog article, though, Zoom still notes that it has “more than 300 million regular users” and that “more than 300 million people globally use Zoom during this difficult period.”

Either way, given the security and privacy issues that have been posed lately, more people use Zoom. Zoom also introduced a 90-day freeze on functionality, and this week the company launches Zoom 5.0 to fix some of the issues. Zoom 5.0 contains default keys, improved protection and a modern security icon for meeting control.

Zoom expansion continues unabated as more users migrate to the Zoom tool in order to remain linked throughout the continuing coronavirus pandemic.

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