Wireless Revolution

Our world is changing rapidly, with new futuristic innovations bombarding almost daily as we move on further into the tech-dominated era. The one things that seem to keep constraining the evolution of technology and has become a burden even for the most iterate technological innovations is the common dependence on charging. To maintain our working gizmos and gadgets we have to rely on charging. We are shackled...

Browser Life-Hacks

By definition, a life hack is a strategy, technique or shortcut that can help make life easier, by speeding up efficiency and enhancing productivity. In this compilation, we share with you 20 of our favorite browser life hacks – start life hacking today! Let’s kick it off. Did you just close the browser tab you had opened for days? Are you about to through your computer out of the window? No more! Yes, you heard it – just Ctrl / Cmd...

8 Easy Computer Hacks

Eight easy hacks for you to use on your computer. Save time and increase your productivity! 1. Find out all the information Google knows about you. Google will provide you with all the information they have collected on you. You can see this by checking out the: History – Your entire Google search history. Ads – What Google thinks your interests are and the ads they are serving you based on those interests. Location History – The places...

5 best Airpod alternatives

The Apple Airpods are currently one of the world's most famous wireless earbuds. They're not, however, the only earbuds in the market.